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Arminius Numismatics - coins sorted by region or empire

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1252-1284 AD., Spain, Castilia and Leon, Alfonso X., Dinero. Carrhae in Mesopotamia, 193-211 AD., Septimius Severus, AE 24, BMC 4. Iran, 1688-1835 AD., Iranian Civic Copper, Shemakhi / Shamakha mint, Falus, Valentine 30. Ilici in Hispania,  14-37 AD., Tiberius, issued by duomviri Marcus Iulius Settal and L. Sestius Celer, As, RPC 196. 352-361 AD., Constantius II, Rome mint, Æ-3, RIC 282/304. China, 1078-1085 AD., Northern Song dynasty, emperor Shen Zong, 1 Cash, Hartill 16.210 var.   7 BC., Augustus, Rome mint, moneyer M. Maecilius Tullus, triumvir monetalis, As, RIC 435 var. 2015 AD., Germany, Federal Republic, 25th anniversary of German Reunification commemorative, Karlsruhe mint, 2 Euro, KM 337.  China, 1086-1093 AD., Northern Song dynasty, emperor Zhe Zong, 1 Cash, Hartill 16.275. Romania, 1924 AD., Ferdinand I, Brussels mint, 2 Lei, KM 47.  United States, 2011 AD., "Sacagawea Dollar" Native American - Wampanoag Treaty issue, Philadelphia mint, 1 Dollar, KM 503. Alexandria in Egypt,       246-222 BC., Ptolemaios III Euergetes, Æ Drachm, Svoronos 964. 1810 AD., German States, French occupation, Kingdom of Westphalia, Jerome Napoleon, Cassel mint, 3 Centimes, KM C 23. Dioshieron in Lydia,  54-68 AD., Nero, magistrate Korbulon, Dichalkon, RPC I 2561. Viminacium in Moesia Superior, 256-257 AD., Salonina, Antoninianus, Göbl 859b. 



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Random files - Lycaonia
Derbe in Lycaonia, 164-180 AD., Lucilla, Æ22, von Aulock coll., Lykao.81-82.17 views
Iconicum in Lycaonia, 253-268 AD., Gallienus, Æ24, SNG Leypold II 2191.61 views
Iconicum in Lycaonia, 54-68 AD., Nero, Æ20, RPC 3545.23 views