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Arminius Numismatics - coins sorted by region or empire

Home > Ancient World > Galatia
Random files
Uruguay, 1981 AD., FAO issue, 2 Nuevo Pesos, KM 77. Tomis in Moesia Inferior, 193-217 AD., Julia Domna, Æ 18, AMNG 2815. Antiochia in Pisidia, 198-217 AD., Caracalla, Æ As; SNG von Aulock 4934. 175-180 AD., Faustina junior, Rome mint, Sestertius, RIC 1706 China, 1101-1106 AD., Northern Song dynasty, emperor Hui Zong, 1 Cash, Hartill 16.378. Nepal, 1993 AD., Birendra Bir Bikram, 5 Paisa, KM 1015.1. Hierapolis in Phrygia, 218-222 AD., Elagabalus, Æ30, Homonoia. 103-111 AD., Trajan, Rome mint, As, RIC 562. 367-375 AD., Valens, Siscia mint, Æ3, RIC 14b (xi).  367-375 AD., Valentinian I, Rome mint, Æ-3, RIC 24a x(b). Miletos in Ionia,      500 BC., Obol, SNG von Aulock 2082. 1911 AD., Germany, 2nd Empire, Bavaria, Prince Regent Luitpold, 90th anniversary of Prince Regent Luitpold commemorative, Munich mint, 2 Mark, KM 997. Nikaia in Bithynia, 196-204 AD., Caracalla, Diassarion, Rec. Gén 402 var. / Howgego 254. 303-305 AD., Constantius I Caesar, Rome mint, Follis, RIC 112a. undetermined Greek bronze coin 



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Random files - Galatia
Ankyra in Galatia, 200-220 AD., pseudo-autonomous issue, Æ23, von Aulock 3424.45 views
Galatia, 98-117 AD., Trajan, Koinon of Galatia, struck at Ancyra, Æ24, cf. SNG France 2415.25 views
Kings of Galatia, 39-25 BC., Amyntas, Æ 15, RPC 3504.41 views
Ankyra in Galatia, 207-217 AD., Caracalla, Æ28, cf. Hunter p 570, 8.28 views
Kings of Galatia, 62-40 BC., Deiotaros, Æ 27, SNG von Aulock 6103.24 views
Galatia, 98-100 AD., Trajan, Koinon of Galatia, struck at Ancyra, Æ29, cf. BMC 7.55 views