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1285-1296 AD., Italy, Kingdom of Sicily, Aragonian Dynasty, James I, Messina mint, Æ Denaro, Spahr 17 / 18 var.

Italy, Kingdom of Sicily, Aragonian Dynasty, James I (Giacomo I il giusto, Jaime II of Aragon, 1285-1296 Sicily, 1291-1329 Aragon), Messina mint, struck ca. 1285-1296 AD.,
Æ Denaro (14-19 mm / 0,52 g), bronze or billon, usually 15 mm, observed weights: 0.57-0.70 g., axes irregular alignment ↑→ (ca. 80°),
Obv.: + · [I]A[C · D]Є[I · GR]A´ · , legend around crowned head left in a dotted circle - Testa coronata volta a sinistra, giglio sulla corona del Re; entro circolo perlinato.
Rev.: [ + · R]ЄX · SI[CI]LIЄ , legend around cross pattée in a circle, four pellets in quarters - croce con quattro globetti entro circolo perline.
Spahr 17-18 var. (...GRA´ ·) ; cf. MIR 182 ; cf. MEC 14, 769 (no pellets) .

Peter III of Aragon, Manfred's son in law, of the House of Barcelona, conquered the island of Sicily from Charles I in 1282 and had himself crowned King of Sicily. Thereafter the old Kingdom of Sicily was centred on the mainland, with capital at Naples, and although informally called Kingdom of Naples it was still known formally as "Kingdom of Sicily". Thus, there were two "Sicilies" — the island kingdom, however, was often called "Sicily beyond the Lighthouse" or "Trinacria", by terms of a treaty between the two states.

James II (10 August 1267 – 2 or 5 November 1327), called the Just (the fair), (Catalan: Jaume el Just, Spanish: Jaime el Justo) was the King of Sicily (as James I) from 1285 to 1296 and King of Aragon and Valencia and Count of Barcelona from 1291 to 1327. In 1297 he was granted the Kingdom of Sardinia and Corsica. He used the Latin title Iacobus Dei gracia rex Aragonum, Valencie, Sardinie, et Corsice ac comes Barchinone. He was the second son of Peter III of Aragon and Constance of Sicily.
James was born at Valencia as the son of King Peter I and Queen Constance of Sicily.
He succeeded his father as King of Sicily in 1285. Upon the death of his brother Alfonso III in 1291, he succeeded also to the throne of the Crown of Aragon. He spent May of that year in Catania, inspiring the local monk Atanasiu di Iaci to write the Vinuta di re Iapicu about his time there. By a peace treaty with Charles II of Anjou in 1296, he agreed to give up Sicily, but the Sicilians instead installed his brother Frederick on the throne.

Due to the fact that Frederick, would not withdraw from the island, Pope Boniface VIII asked James II, along with Charles II of Naples, to remove him. As an enticement to do this the Pope invested James II with the title to Sardinia and Corsica, as well as appointing him Papal Gonfalonier. Because of his inability to disguise his apathy on the matter, he returned to Aragon. Frederick reigned there until his death in 1337.

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