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Mexico, 1830 AD., Mexico city mint, ¼ Real, KM 358.  1922 AD., Germany, Weimar Republic, Reichsbank, Berlin, 2nd issue, 500 Mark, Pick 74c. D 16751981 Reverse 1981 AD., San Marino, 2000th anniversary of the Death of Roman poet Virgil - poem Georgics commemorative, Rome mint, 500 Lire, KM 125.  317 AD., Constantine, Heraclea mint, Follis, RIC 16.  41 AD., Claudius, Rome(?) mint, Quadrans, RIC 85.  Nikopolis ad Istrum in Moesia Inferior, 218-222 AD., Elagabalus, 4 Assaria, Pick 2012-3 var. Canada, 1919 AD., George V, Royal Canadian Mints at Ottawa, 10 Cents, KM 23. 1921 AD., Germany, Weimar Republic, Eisenach (city), Notgeld, Luther Jubilee collector series issue, 50 Pfennig, Grabowski/Mehl 320.2a-4/6. Reverse 1965 AD., Poland, Peoples Republic, 700th Anniversary of Warsaw commemorative, Warsaw mint, 10 ZÅ‚otych, KM Y 55. European Union, European Central Bank, Pick 20t. 5 Euro, 2013 AD. Printer: Central Bank of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland, T003A5-TC1092676367 Obverse  Samosata in Syria, 246-249 AD., Philip II., Æ27, BMC 64. 1923 AD., Germany, Weimar Republic, Neuss (Landkreis), Notgeld, currency issue, 100.000.000 Mark, Tieste 25.60. 10980 Reverse  1922 AD., Germany, Weimar Republic, Reichsbank, Berlin, 4th issue, 5000 Mark, printer F (unknown ?), Pick 81a. O 588480 Obverse 1914-1918 AD., Germany, 2nd Empire, Friedrichsfeld POW Camp WWI, 10 Pfennig, Tieste FRDF.10.42.A. Obverse  1917 AD., Germany, 2nd Empire, Neuss (town), Notgeld currency issue 50 Pfennig, Grabowski N25.2f. 199774 ✻ Obverse  



A separate Slovak state briefly existed during World War II, during which Slovakia was a dependency of Germany. From 1945 Slovakia once again became a part of Czechoslovakia. The present-day Slovakia became an independent state on 1 January 1993 after the peaceful dissolution of Czechoslovakia.

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Slovakia, 2009 AD., Republic, Kremnica mint, 2 Euro, KM 102. 21 x angesehen
Slovakia, 2002 AD., Kremnica mint, 50 Halierov, KM 35.42 x angesehen