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1923 AD., Germany, Weimar Republic, Hamburg (town), Notgeld, currency issue, 10.000.000 Mark, Keller 2109i.2. D 591042* Reverse  Afghanistan, 1890-91 AD., `Abd al-Rahman, Kabul mint, Rupee, KM 806.  1921 AD., Germany, Weimar Republic, Glauchau (town), Notgeld, collector series issue, ½ Mark, Grabowski/Mehl 436.3-3/6. 248903 Obverse   37-41 AD, Gaius for Agrippa, Æ As, Rome(?) mint, RIC 58. China, 1101-1106 AD., Northern Song dynasty, emperor Hui Zong, 1 Cash, Hartill 16.378. Alexandria in Egypt,  63-64 AD., Nero, Tetradrachm, RPC 5273. 1923 AD., Germany, Weimar Republic, Neuss (Neußer Bankenvereinigung), Notgeld, currency issue, 5.000.000 Mark check, ref. ?. 0616 Obverse  Antiochia ad Orontem in Syria, 218-222 AD., Elagabalus, Æ 18, McAlee 791a. Forum Romanum. western part, south-eastern view from the Capitoline Hill to the Palatine Hill. South Africa, 1936 AD., George V, 1 Penny, KM 14.3. 1923 AD., Germany, Weimar Republic, Breslau, Deutsche Reichsbahn, Notgeld, currency issue, 2.000.000 Mark, Müller/Geiger 003.03b. 324468 Obverse  Athena / Medusa big bronze fantasy tourist medal. Pautalia in Thracia, 203-210 AD., Caracalla, 3 Assaria, Ruzicka 715. Tyra in Sarmatia, 81-98 AD., Domitian, Æ 21, countermarked between the eras of Domitian and Trajan, RPC 494. Kyzikos in Mysia,     510-475 BC., AR Hemiobol, Sear GC 3851v. 
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German states and issue locations
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German, til 1870 in general


All German speaking regions on the area of the former Holy Roman Empire - if not listed in a seperate album or as a new state

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German, after 1870 in general


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Germany, second empire


The German Empire (German: Deutsches Kaiserreich, officially Deutsches Reich), also known as Imperial Germany, was the German nation state that existed from the unification of Germany in 1871 until the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II 9th of November 1918.

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German East Africa


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Germany, Occupation of eastern Europe during WWI


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Germany, Weimar Republic


Abdication of Wilhelm II and Proclamation of the Republic by Philipp Scheidemann on 9 November 1918 – 23 March 1933 Adolf Hitler establishes the Third Reich (Enabling Act of 1933).
In 1919, a national assembly was convened in Weimar, where a new constitution for the German Reich was written, then adopted on 11 August of that same year.

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Germany, Third Reich



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Germany, Allied military authorities WWII


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East Germany or GDR


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Federal Republic of Germany


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1921 AD., Germany, Weimar Republic, Stadtilm (town), Notgeld, collector series issue, 50 Pfennig, Grabowski/Mehl 1250.1-4/7. Reverse 0 x angesehen
1921 AD., Germany, Weimar Republic, Breslau, Städtische Straßenbahn (tram), Notgeld, collector series issue, 20 Pfennig, Grabowski-Mehl Obverse 0 x angesehen