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Alexandria Troas, 222-235 AD., Severus Alexander, Semis, Bellinger A346. Palembang Sultanate?, ca. 1775-1825 AD., 1 Pitis, cf. Robinson 16.10. 1920 AD., Germany, Weimar Republic, Caub (town), Notgeld, currency issue, 10 Pfennig, Grabowski C10.1a. 64760 Obverse   71 AD., Vespasian, Rome mint, Æ As, RIC II (old) 503 - (new) 336.  558-559 AD., Justinian I., Constantinopolis mint, Æ Follis, Sear BC 163. Philadelphia in Lydia, 200-270 AD., pseudo-autonomous issue, Lindgren 774. Eumenea in Phrygia,  41-40 BC., Marcus Antonius, magistrate Zmertorix Philonidu, AE 14, RPC 3141 Antiochia ad Orontem in Syria,   170-168 BC., Antiochos IV Epiphanes, Trihemiobol, Babelon 589-597.  41-42 AD., Claudius, Rome or Gallic mint, As, RIC 100.  1919 AD., Germany, Weimar Republic, Zobten am Berge (town), Notgeld, currency issue, 10 Pfennig, Grabowski Z15.1c. Reverse  Smyrna in Ionia,  90-120 AD., pseudoautonomous issue, Æ17, Klose 15. South Africa, 2000 AD., Republic, South African mint, 5 Cents, KM 223.  Norway, 1897, Oscar II, Brass medal on his 25th regency anniversary. European Union, European Central Bank, Pick 22u. 20 Euro, 2015 AD., Printer: Banque de France, Chamalières, France, U023I6-UF3609498085 Reverse  Athens in Attica,    200-86 BC., Æ10, Svor. 103. 57-64. 
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Austria in general


The origins of modern-day Austria date back to the time of the Habsburg dynasty when the vast majority of the country was a part of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation.
During the 17th and 18th centuries, Austria became one of the great powers of Europe and, in response to the results of the early Napoleonic wars, the Austrian Empire was officially proclaimed in 1804.
In 1867, the Austrian Empire was reformed into Austria-Hungary.

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2010 AD., Austia, 2010 Winter Olympics Vancouver commemorative, Vienna mint, 5 Euro, KM 3193.26 x angesehen
1914-1915 AD., Austria, Worldwar I, Alliance Austria-Germany, Brass Medal.31 x angesehen