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Lebanon, 1925 AD., Paris mint, 1 Piastre, KM 3. 1680 AD., Spain, Carlos II, Valladolid mint, 2 Maravedis, Clemente/Cayon p. 770, 6631. Afghanistan, 1886 AD., `Abd al-Rahman, Kabul mint, Rupee, KM 544.1.  Viminacium in Moesia Superior, 259-260 AD., Gallienus, Antoninianus, Göbl 827q Argentina, 1830 AD., Buenos Aires province, Soho mint (Birmingham), 10 Decimos, KM 4. Mexico, 1967 AD., Mexico City mint, 10 Centavos, KM 433. 2002-2016 AD., Germany, Federal Republic, Auto und Technik museum Sinsheim token, jet airliner Tupolev TU-144.    15 BC. - 14 AD. and later, Augustus or Tiberius, imitative As, irregular Gallic or Hispanic mint, cf. RIC I, p. 57-58. 1812 AD., Habsburg monarchy, Austria, Francis I (II), Vienna / Wien mint (Austria), ½ Kreutzer, KM 2109. 2015 AD., Germany, Federal Republic, 30 years of EU Flag commemorative, circulation issue, 2 Euro, Stuttgart mint, J. 603 var.  Turiaso in Hispania,  14-37 AD., Tiberius, Æ As, RPC 417. 257-260 AD., Salonina, Rome mint, Antoninianus, Göbl 229b. 1680-1715 AD., France, Louis XIV, Brass Token, Aurora or Sol. Sardis in Lydia,   133-50 BC., Æ 15, SNG Cop. 470-482. Serdica in Thracia, 198-209 AD., Geta Caesar, 2 Assaria, unlisted. 



Czechoslovakia was a sovereign state in Central Europe that existed from October 1918, when it declared its independence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, until its peaceful dissolution on 1 January 1993.
From 1939 to 1945, following its forced division and partial incorporation into Nazi Germany, the state did not de facto exist but its government-in-exile continued to operate.
From 1948 to 1990, Czechoslovakia was part of the Eastern Bloc with a command economy. A period of political liberalization in 1968, known as the Prague Spring, was forcibly ended when the Soviet Union, assisted by several other Warsaw Pact countries, invaded. In 1989 Czechoslovaks peacefully deposed their government in the Velvet Revolution. In 1993, Czechoslovakia split into the two sovereign states of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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Czechoslovakia, 1963 AD., Kremnica mint, 3 Haleru, KM 52.35 x angesehen
Czechoslovakia, 1979 AD., Socialist Republic, 5 Korun, KM 60.27 x angesehen