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1921 AD., Germany, Weimar Republic, Amberg (city), Notgeld, produced by Meissen porcellain factory, 25 Pfennig, Scheuch 100a. New Zealand, 1967 AD., Elizabeth II, 50 Cents, KM 37.   2 BC.-12 AD., Augustus, Lugdunum, Denarius, RIC 207. 1918-1924 AD., Austria, Republic, Mauthausen (market town), Notgeld, 5 Heller, cf. Kodnar Künstner p. 601.V.f. 67 Reverse  Nikopolis ad Istrum in Moesia Inferior, 241-243 AD., Gordian III, 4 Assaria, Pick - . 367-375 AD., Valens, Rome mint, Æ-3, RIC 24b x(b). Silandos in Lydia, 140-200 AD., Pseudo-autonomous issue, Æ 16, Loebbecke 4 in ZfN 1885. Antiochia in Pisidia, 253-260 AD., Valerian I, Diassarion / Æ 23, cf. Krzyzanowska p. 199, VAL 1.2-4. Edessa in Mesopotamia, 198-222 AD., Caracalla or Elagabalus, Æ 19, BMC 39 ff. and 72 ff. 1855 AD., Great Britain, Victoria, Halfpenny, KM 726. Nikaia in Bithynia, 217-218 AD., Macrinus, Diassarion, Rec. Gén 536.  900-1100 AD., Byzantine lead seal, a bishop Theodoros Rome, Vatican, Viale della Radio, Giardini Vaticani, wall of Pope Nicholas III, Vatican Radio administration buildings right. 2008 AD., Germany, State of Hamburg commemorative, Munich mint, 2 Euro, KM 261. 1659 AD., Spain, Felipe IV., 4 Maravedies, Cayon 4941 ff. 



Achaea was a province of the Roman Empire, consisting of the modern-day Peloponnese in southern Greece and bordered on the north by the provinces of Epirus and Macedonia. The region was annexed to the Roman Republic in 146 BC after a brutal campaign, in which the city of Corinth was razed by the Roman general Lucius Mummius, its inhabitants slaughtered or sold into slavery, and the temples looted for sculpture for Roman villas.

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Sikyon in Sikyonia, Peloponnesos, 196-146 BC., Trichalkon, Warren Group 914 x angesehen
Leukas in Acarnania, 350-300 BC., Æ 18, BMC 32-49 var.21 x angesehen