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Galerie > Ancient World > Achaea
103-111 AD., Trajan, Rome mint, Sestertius, RIC 503. 1918 AD., Germany, Weimar Republic, Lippe state, Fürstlich Lippische Regierung in Detmold, Notgeld, currency issue, 50 Pfennig, Grabowski L52.1. Obverse  269 AD., Victorinus, Colonia mint, Antoninianus, RIC 118. Julia Traducta in Hispania,  15-14 BC., Augustus, As, RPC 108. 1872-1902 AD., Germany, Token, 10 Pfennig. Sinope in Paphlagonia, 305 AD., Maximus Caesar, Æ 28, unlisted. South Africa, 1965 AD., Republic, 1 Cent, KM 65.1. 1800-1809 AD., Habsburg monarchy, Francis I (II), Kremnica / Kremnitz mint (Hungary), 1 Kreuzer, KM 2111.  1921 AD., Germany, Weimar Republic, Volkstedt (municipality), Notgeld, collector series issue, 10 Pfennig, Grabowski/Mehl 1369.1-1/4. 30777 Obverse  1875 AD., Great Britain, Victoria, Heaton mint, Farthing, Spink 3958 var.  1922 AD., Germany, Weimar Republic, Hofgeismar (Kreissparkasse), Notgeld, collector series issue, 25 Pfennig, Grabowski/Mehl619.1-1/5. 35778 Obverse China, 1736-1794 AD., Qing Dynasty, emperor Gao Zong, Yunnan-fu mint, Yunnan province, 1 Cash, Hartill 22.337.  Japan, 1943 AD., Hirohito (Showa era), 1 Sen, KM Y 59.  119-120 AD., Hadrian, Rome mint, Sestertius, RIC 568. 1919 AD., Germany, Weimar Republic, Bonn-Siegkreis (city plus administrative districts), Notgeld, 10 Pfennig, Funck 52.6. 



Achaea was a province of the Roman Empire, consisting of the modern-day Peloponnese in southern Greece and bordered on the north by the provinces of Epirus and Macedonia. The region was annexed to the Roman Republic in 146 BC after a brutal campaign, in which the city of Corinth was razed by the Roman general Lucius Mummius, its inhabitants slaughtered or sold into slavery, and the temples looted for sculpture for Roman villas.

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Megara in Achaea, Peloponnesos, 307-250 BC., Æ14, cf. BMC 26-7.23 x angesehen
Aegira in the Peloponnesos, 198-209 AD., Geta Caesar, Æ18, unlisted ?21 x angesehen